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Movie Review: Hugo

One evening I came in from playing with our dog, and to my surprise, saw the  DVD menu of Hugo on the television screen. I was so happy, because I love watching movies and though I knew little about it, I suspected this would be a good one. Well I can tell you one thing, I was right!
     This film is absolutely spectacular. The camera work, the settings, and lighting are incredibly beautiful and superb. I fell in deep romance with the colors and lighting, it’s worth watching just for that. Set in 1930’s France, the movie has a bit of a Steampunk air, which for this movie I like very much, as it is not in the least overdone. Though there are not a whole lot of brightly-lit scenes in this film, it is not gloomy.
Normally, before I see a movie I know a lot about it. But with this… all I had seen was the trailer, which told very little as to what the movie was even about. So in case you know nothing about this movie, as I did, here is all you need to know: it is about an orphan boy who …