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A Poem: Ice Stars

Ice Stars
My lover painted the world with stars for me,
He gave me diamonds that die each night.
How I wish I could save the stars
Put them in my pocket to treasure and keep.
My lover painted the world with stars for me,
In glittering grass and frost on the car.
Cold to the touch,
The black is so deep
The sparkles so bright,
The stars taste like snowflakes.
Precious ice gems
Melt on my pale fingers.
I inhale the chilled air
And long for my love.

Movie Review: Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians Yesterday I went to see "Rise of the Guardians" at the theater and loved it. I fell immediately in love with the main character, Jack Frost. Of course, the animation was a glory to behold. Every scene I wanted to just pause and take in all of the richly designed animation. The beauty of this animation was just breathtaking. Rise of the Guardians was purely fine art.      The action was fun and fast paced, with plenty of dazzle and excitement. The characters where original with great design- not a single flunk character. The humor was fairly good- not side splitting but enjoyable. As an added relief, none of the funny parts were crude or inappropriate.      This is a great movie for all ages, I went with my family, and all of us teen kids enjoyed it along with our parents. The target audience for this CGI cartoon was probably far younger than teens, but when watching it the only thing that reminded me that I (as a college student) wasn't the target  …