A Poem: Ice Stars

Ice Stars

My lover painted the world with stars for me,

He gave me diamonds that die each night.

How I wish I could save the stars

Put them in my pocket to treasure and keep.

My lover painted the world with stars for me,

In glittering grass and frost on the car.

Cold to the touch,

The black is so deep

The sparkles so bright,

The stars taste like snowflakes.

Precious ice gems

Melt on my pale fingers.

I inhale the chilled air

And long for my love.


  1. This is really pretty, Laura! I tend to be a bit picky about structure, so this felt a tad rambly to me. But I really like the sentiment and your wording. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment! You're right that it's rambly, poetry is something I have very little experience in XD But thank you!
      (cannot beleive I missed this comment somehow, omgsh i'm so late responding)

    2. :) I'm not very experienced with poetry, either, so I understand!

  2. Wow. The imagery is gorgeous! Loved every bit of it!


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