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Building Plot

Whether you have no plot, half a plot, or just need to spice things up a bit, this article gives advice on to create and solve conflict in a character-centered story, along with a few ideas for inspiration.
Growing Plot from Character

In many stories, the protagonist is the heart and the plot is the body. This is a good strategy. The character drives the plot and the plot in turn creates needs for the character to attempt to overcome and structure to make the story flowing and paced.

Often I start with a character and a few loose ideas about that character, but not a very strong plot idea. If you’ve got a well-developed character but are lacking in plots, it's a good idea to grow your plot from your character. Write down what you know about your character: his or her personality, past, future goals, etc. Once you know what your characters have been through, where they want to go, and what kind of person they are, you might get some ideas about what is missing or what needs fixing …

To Writers and Poets

And no, this isn't saying you can't write about the other stuff too, even clishe things, as long as you do in in a way that's meaningful to you. Y'know.