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Book Cover Mistakes that Sabotage Sales: How to Avoid Common Self-Publishing Fails

Below I analyze why 5 bad book covers fail and how you can avoid common mistakes.

If you’re self-publishing, your biggest selling point is probably your book cover, since you’re probably not very well known and don’t have a huge advertising agency. Before people even pick up your novel to read the description on the back or flip through the pages, they must be enticed by the cover.

Disclaimer: I’m actually not a cruel person, I just sound like one. I understand that writers generally don’t have graphic design training and they are often self-publishing. I commend people who are just starting out with graphics and are willing to try even though their work isn't perfect. But, as the point of this article is constructive criticism, I'm going to be a little rough.

What They Did Wrong:
No Font Contrast. The entire cover of the book is confusing because each set of words is approximately the same size. When fonts are similar size and weight, the viewer is reduced to wandering aroun…