The Ultimate Guide to Free Educational Videos

  • These videos vary in level, complexity, and length. Something for everyone!
  • Preview videos before showing them to your students to make sure they align with your personal standards and values.
  • If you find that any of these links are outdated please let me know.
  • If you think something should be taken off this list, let me know.
  • I'll continue to update this list when I run across more great videos. Suggestions welcome!



Crash Course Literature
TED-Ed, Literature



Theology and Christianity

Gresham College, Divinity Lectures
YaleCourses, Introduction to Old Testament
YaleCourses, New Testament History and Literature
Christian History Made Easy
Gresham College, Thinking Theologically About Modern Art
Epydemic2020, Various topics
Messianic Mondays, Messianic Judaism and more

Young Earth vs. Old Earth

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham
Creationsim: Old Earth vs. Young Earth
John Ankerberg, How Old is the Earth?


Crash Course World History
Crash Course World History 2
Crash Course US History
Khan Academy, History
Tom Richey, US and European History
NOVA Archeology
Oxford, The Great War
Annenberg Learner, Social Studies and History
The Aspen Institute

Social Issues

TED Equality of All Kinds
Big Think, Global Education
WorldFish, Gender Equality
The Aspen Institute, Women and Work
TED Feminism
Femist Frequency
The Aspen Institute, Latinos and Society
The Aspen Institute, Police and Violence in America



Crash Course Biology
Khan Academy, Biology
SciShow Biology
TED Animals
PBS Biology
NOVA Evolution
Oxford, Biology

Anatomy and Physiology:

Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology
In a Nutshell, Immune System
NOVA Body and Brain
Big Think, Brain
TED-Ed, Brain
Vsauce Brain Perception
Vsauce, The Mind
Gresham College, Eye and Vision Lectures
History Channel, The Universe


Crash Course Chemistry
Khan Academy, Chemistry
Khan Academy, Organic Chemistry
SciShow Chemistry
Periodic Videos, Chemistry


Crash Course Ecology
TED Environment
PBS Climate Change and More
NOVA Planet Earth
BBC Earth
National Geographic, Amazing Animals
National Geographic, Oceas
National Geographic, Wild


Crash Course Physics
Khan Academy, Physics
SciShow Physics
PBS Physics
Physics Woman
NOVA Physics and Math
Vsauce Physics
TED-Ed, Physics and More


Khan Academy, Cosmology and Astronomy
SciShow Space
SciShow Atronomy/Astrophysics/Space
Crash Course Astronomy
PBS Space
PBS Space Time
NOVA Space an Flight
Kan Academy Cosmology and Astronomy
Google Talks NASA
Vsauce, Space
Gresham College, Astronomy Lectures
TED-Ed, Space
In a Nutshell, Space
Scientific American Space Lab
National Geographic, Star Talk


Khan Academy, Computing
PBS Technology
NOVA Tech and Engineering
In a Nutshell, Technology and Society
Derek Banas, Computer Science and Software
Vsauce Technology
Gresham College, IT
Dartmouth, Algorithms


California Academy of Sciences
American Museum of Natural History
NOVA Nature
NOVA ScienceNow
TED Nature
PBS Earth
Minute Earth
Frankenstein, MD
American Museum of Natural History
Big Think, Bill Nye
TED-Ed, Superhero Science
TED-Ed, Body
TED-Ed, Nature
The PenguinProf, many topics
In a Nutshell, many topics
Sick Science, experiments you can do at home
Discovery Channel, many topics
National Geographic, Naked Science
National Geographic, Cosmos
Harvard, many science topics
Annenberg Learner, many science topics
LeBron Asks, many science topics
MIT+K12, many science topics


SciShow Great Minds
Khan Academy College Admissions
Google Talks Media
Google Talks Leadership
Annenberg Learner, Foreign Language


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